HSD RTM Eliminator (or Neville 8’s)

These are an excellent entry level head flowing 20-30 cfm better than stock 308 heads all through the valve range so if you’re pimping your old 308 or 253 (different valve sizes for 253) chuck a set of these on you won’t be disappointed

These heads are done to a specific formula

  • Chemically cleaned and crack tested
  •  New guides *4 angle valve seats
  • Race throats
  • Oversize L34 size valves
  • Group C spec machining
  • Basic port job
  • Heavy duty spring kit chromoloy retainers and hardened locks
  • Viton stem seals

The same principal applies to all makes and brands, we can modify all GM, Fords, Mopars to similar specs: oversize valves, throating, seating, port jobs spring upgrade. This formula is not exclusive to Holden heads.