You heard right the IRVING cylinder head is back in production we have been teasing with the idea for many years (over 6 since the first few photos) with posts here and there of us working and modifying some old castings. These new IRVINGS are brand new castings new aluminium new technology new tricks….

Leave those old cast iron heads behind and make your Holden six a real fire breathing rocket that would even scare the V8 boys. These heads bolt onto your Holden 6 without any modifications, the Irving head kit will come with rocker cover, a manifold of your choice triple weber or 4 barrel and a choice of exhaust flanges for custom extractors or twin cast iron headers. Rocker gear can be arranged and supplied at an extra cost as well as ARP stud and pushrods depending on application.

All heads are fully assembled to your specifications for hydraulic or solid camshaft, with high quality valve springs, chromoly retainers, hardened machined locks, custom HSD stainless valves.